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Breaking Italy Club bot

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Breaking Italy Club bot

User manual

Basic users just need to follow these simple instructions.

  • Start the bot and write /email your_email@example.com
  • Click the verification link in the mail (also check the SPAM folder!)
  • Wait for the invitation link. It will be available as soon as your patron status is verified by the staff


This needs to be done only one time server-side.

  • Get a Telegram bot API token (@botfather), allow groups and set the bot group privacy to off.
  • Install bic_bot

    git clone https://gogs.davte.it/Davte/bic_bot.git
    cd bic_bot
    bash ./run_me.sh
  • Add the bot to the BIC chat as administrator

  • Write /set_chat in that chat

  • Send the bot a csv file named "patrons.csv" with patrons' emails


    The csv file must be sent periodically.

  • [NOT YET IMPLEMENTED] Using Patreon's API, the patrons list will be automatically downloaded from the server


  • Whenever a person joins the chat, the bot will check whether their Telegram account is linked to an email listed in the patrons list. If not, the user will be kicked out.
  • Whenever an email is removed from the white list, the linked Telegram account will be kicked out.
  • Any user can automatically link their email to their Telegram account. If their email is white-listed, they can join the chat.


This davtelepot-based bot has been developed by @Davte. No official endorsement has been given by Breaking Italy staff.