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  Davte 4f827587ee Mutable defaults removed 3 years ago
  Davte 7e0d871474 Exclude data/ and test*.py from distribution 3 years ago
  Davte a571d4fc8f Ignore data folders 3 years ago
  Davte 25f0321250 Ignore all tests (3 digits) 3 years ago
  Davte 3c2cdfa6a1 Ignore python virtual environment folder and test scripts 3 years ago
  Davte 121e3c370c Git-ignore test.py. 4 years ago
  Davte d95b487530 Do not ignore *.sh files except for my_config.sh 4 years ago
  Davte 2a26c4e34e Unnecessary gitignores 4 years ago
  Davte 4b04d10f78 First commit 4 years ago