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@CicloPiBot is a Telegram bot based on davtelepot which provides information about CicloPi, the public bike-sharing service in Pisa.


Client side

Send /start @CicloPiBot, all you need is a Telegram account.


  • /start the bot
  • Ask for /help for further information
  • Ask for /ciclopi information

"Server" side

You may choose between method 1 (pip) and method 2 (git).

  1. Using pip
    • Install ciclopibot bash pip install ciclopibot
    • Run ciclopibot as module bash python -m ciclopibot -h # Get help python -m ciclopibot <your_token_here>
  2. Using git

    • Clone this repository

      git clone ssh://git@gogs.davte.it:8445/Davte/ciclopibot.git
      # git clone https://gogs.davte.it/Davte/ciclopibot.git
      # git clone git@github.com:Davte/ciclopibot.git
      # git clone https://github.com/Davte/ciclopibot.git
    • Run install.sh: it will help you perform the following operations.

      • Put a Telegram bot token in gitignored data/passwords.py module.
      • To get a token, ask @BotFather.
      • The bot whose token you use will act as @CicloPiBot as long as you run the script.
      • Create a python3.5+ virtual environment and install requirements.
      • Specify python_virtual_environment and python_script variables in my_config.sh
    • Run run_me.sh

      bash run_me.sh;
    • You may edit the file and test your code with your bot.

    • Should you be satisfied of your edits enough, you may fork this repository and open a pull request.


  • Davte is the creator and the main author of this repository.
  • All data are obtained from CicloPi website and are meant to help users save time when using their service. Misuse is discouraged.
  • Minala inspired the idea and gave a first version of this service many years ago with a different implementation.